Caring to make a difference

Welcome to Genscreen

Genscreen has the mission

“caring to make a difference”

Genscreen has the capacity and experience to take progress drug discovery projects towards the clinic.

Formed in 2004, we now have a portfolio that includes :-

  • out-license of the anti-Tms project to Novogen Ltd in 2013
  • small molecule drug development program based on novel target

Genscreen specializes in building businesses and progressing projects to valuable milestone events:

  • drug development and study milestones
  • health- and research-based service businesses
  • medical devices businesses

Our strategy is to build a portfolio of exciting projects and businesses that address market and technological opportunities; often based medical need themes we identify and specialist expert advisors we work with wherever they may be based in the world.

Portfolio businesses are progressed towards the achievement of significant milestones and increased value; eventually towards IPO or trade sale.

Whilst cancer diagnostics and therapies form an important basis for our portfolio, our interests extend to unmet needs across a range of technologies and disease types.

A sound and rational scientific basis is a core requirement of all of our activities. We seek to make a difference with a timely and solid approach to all aspects of our business.

Genscreen is based in Melbourne Australia. Our present portfolio of businesses and projects are presented here.

Genscreen will evaluate your technology or business opportunity on an obligation-free basis. We have a standard format document you can download here.

If you would like to speak with us directly, please contact us.

Genscreen Pty Ltd (ACN 107 203 029) (Genscreen)